Rita Vilma

Flowers are Rita’s preferred subject which provide her with a virtual limitless palette of color. She prefers to paint with oils using bold, rich colors and uses the impasto technique to create an almost three-dimensional effect in almost all of her pieces. She is known for her life like florals and beautiful color combinations. Rita’s paintings reflect her vision of nature. She hopes to spread beauty and happiness to the world through her artwork.

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Born in San Francisco and having traveled much of the world as the daughter of a military veteran. Rita feels very fortunate to have been exposed to the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Coast, the botanical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the lush Puerto Rican tropics all of which inspired her earlier and more recent floral pieces. Her love of art was evident early in her life when she was voted “Most Talented” in her senior year in high school. She continued to pursue her love of art and was exposed to different disciplines while pursuing a Fine Arts degree. She loves to visit botanical gardens, go on road trips and spend time tending to her own garden all of which inspire her.


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