Lynn Tolleson

Lynn Tolleson works primarily in oil, although she has done some work in pastel, watercolor and photography as well. 

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Lynn Tolleson was born and raised in western Canada before moving to Georgia in 1976 with her husband, Tom, a native of Atlanta.  Together, they raised their family of three boys in the metro area.

Lynn worked for many years as a professional counselor, but was always drawn to the world of art.  It was not until she took a drawing course at the Chastain Art Center, however, that she was inspired to continue studying and learning to paint.  She has been privileged to learn from such accomplished local artists as Debra Nadelhoffer and Jim Richards.  It has been a wonderful blessing for her, a thrill to be able to bring life to a canvas.  She endeavors to bring beauty to her work and to create something that will speak to the heart of the viewer.

She has been in numerous shows, and her work is hung in homes, business and nonprofit organizations.  She is delighted to have her paintings displayed at Frameworks Gallery in East Cobb.

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