Kate Pendleton

Ms. Pendleton has painted landscapes and still life from photos and from nature for many years but, more recently, has begun painting nonobjective/abstract art.

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After receiving a BFA in graphic design, Kate Pendleton became a weaver which she continued for 15 years. She began working, first with dyed felted wool, then with dyed and painted silk and linen. In the early nineties, Kate returned to drawing and painting. Since then she has studied with several well know plein-air painters in Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Maine and Italy, as well as with several highly respected painters in the Atlanta area.  More recently she has taken online classes from three well known nonobjective/abstract painters in North Carolina and California.

Now she is painting for herself, trying to express what is in her heart. Everyone’s experience is different and she wants to show hers. The work may not be recognizable to others exactly as she feels it, but she hopes that it will resonate with the viewer. The “subject” may be different, but the style is similar to people who are familiar with Kate’s work.  The paintings are still about color, shape and texture, now with an emphasis on negative space and intuitive interaction of line and shape. Each painting is a new experience and may ramble along until it reaches its end. They usually begin with gesture “drawings” and then reactions to those gestures carry the painting to that end.

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