Karen Lawrence

“I paint every day in my studio at Urban Art Collective in Atlanta. That is, when I’m not out photographing beautiful homes and meeting the people who live in them. I’m intrigued by how people live and the common thread that connects us with our past. I love houses with history and rooms with beloved treasures.”

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Ms. Lawrence’s style of painting is a rather loose version of realism. She developed her technique by spending many years painting in transparent watercolor. Karen now paints her interior and floral still life paintings exclusively in oil.

Having a strong love of art, Karen majored in Related Arts and Crafts at the University of Tennessee. She did not begin to express that love until her first class in watercolor at Atlanta College of Art. Since that time, she has painted continuously. Karen’s work has been featured in many solo, duo and group shows over the years.

Professionally, she is affiliated with the Oil Painters of America and has been accepted into three National and three Regional Exhibitions. She is also a member of the American Impressionist Society and has been accepted into two of its National Exhibitions. She continues to further her education with art workshops.

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