Julie Mann

Marshes, trees, landscapes and water reflections with dramatic light are among Julie’s favorite subject matter to create.  She often creates special paintings as commissions for clients to commemorate their favorite places.

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Julie Mann is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Interior Design. A native of Atlanta, she worked as a commercial interior designer as well as an art consultant for almost 20 years and then discovered her passion for oil painting. Her love for the great outdoors inspires many paintings from travels around the U.S., in particular the southeast region.

Ms. Mann loves to discover the true colors of nature while being challenged by painting “en plein air” whenever possible. When Julie chooses her subject matter she looks for something unique that excites her about the scene or subject. She then captures it on canvas in hope that the viewer may also be excited about it and reflect upon memories of their own experiences. After becoming an oil artist, her view of the world around her changed dramatically to a more visual perspective.  Now when she sees a beautiful sunset, reflective waters or a sunlit building she finds herself asking how she would paint it and what colors and brushstrokes she would use.

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