Juanita Kauffman

Juanita captures and relates for today the playful transition the Fauves achieved 100 years ago by pushing impressionism in a new and bold direction using shapes and flat, dramatic colors saturated with, rather than diffused by, light. 

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“I feel blessed that I can go to my easel and express my feelings on canvas.  Over the years my painting has been focused on still lifes and landscapes.  Recently I have ventured into abstract expressionism with a vibrant palette.  I have studied with many artists in the states and abroad. The inspiration for my art comes from these travels.”  Juanita Kauffman

Unfettered and direct, her canvases are starkly defined by color, context, and atmosphere.

Whether evoking loveliness or the not so lovely, whimsy or frank humor, each work communicates shapes, hues, and objects moving in a synchronous visual rhythm. 

Ms. Kauffman has concentrated full-time on her painting since 1975, when she moved to Georgia.  Here, she studied with nationally recognized illustrator Alan Tiegreen and prominent area artists including Joseph Perrin and Ouida Canady.  She has studied in France, Italy, the American Southwest, Acapulco, and Mexico; locales that show forth in her uniquely brilliant palette.

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