Jan Eubanks

Jan strives to create paintings that are visually exciting and poetic. She views herself as a student of art, always experimenting and exploring to see what she creates and, for her, it is an integral part of each day.

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Jan Eubanks began her love of painting at the University of Georgia in the Lamar Dodd Fine Art School.  While there, she was inspired by the master works of Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt. She has continued her studies under well-known artists such as Mark Chatov, Roger Brown, Greg Kreutz and Gene Costanza.

As quoted by Cezanne, “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art”.  Inspired by this, Jan interprets the subject in a personal and unique way rather than a literal study.  Her style lands somewhere between realism and expressive contemporary.  Sincerity is honored but the viewer is also challenged. She is intrigued by how the paint application communicates the importance of the scene and is always concerned with what the finished painting communicates to the viewer.

An award-winning artist, Jan has participated in a number of multiple artist and juried shows in the Atlanta area. Recently she has collaborated with a group of artists in the Urban Art Collective, a number of vibrant, innovative painters dedicated to creating art and exchanging thoughts and ideas related to their travels and experiences.

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