Georgia Nagle

The most vital thing to Georgia as she chooses a subject is composition.  As an artist, she looks at or thinks of the lights and darks, shapes, patterns and the like in what she’s about to paint. 

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Ms. Nagle expressed an interest in art early in life.  Because her parents recognized and supported that interest, she began formally studying drawing and painting at the age of 13. Georgia went on to get a degree in Fine Art at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  here she developed her early style of painting which was whimsical abstracted interior spaces.

After graduation, Georgia moved to Atlanta where she soon began showing and selling her work through galleries.  She continued to study painting and drawing and took classes in Plein Air painting, which took her work into a more realistic direction.

Over the years Ms. Nagle has shown in many galleries throughout the country and her interests and style have grown and changed according to different opportunities and experiences. But one thing she feels has always been a significant element in her work is a sense of whimsy – a subtle underlying lightheartedness that invites the viewer in to experience the subject rather than simply looking at it. It’s important to her that the audience feel a connection to her work.

The subject matter could be almost anything.  If she connects to it compositionally, it’s a winner. Georgia blocks out the skeleton of the work onto which she builds the painting. In adding brushstrokes, other media in addition to oil paint, and her own personal style she produces a fleshed out finished painting which is somewhat realistic but also artistically expressive.

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