Donna McMinn

Donna has always been interested in pottery and would gravitate toward it when attending art shows. In the mid 1990’s, she decided to take a pottery class at the Spruill Art Center in Dunwoody, Georgia. In the space of one session, Donna knew she had found something that filled her soul.

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She continued taking classes one night a week after work. This continued for several years until she discovered The Art Place in Marietta and enrolled at that facility where she remains today.

When Donna retired in 2012, she found that there was much more time for pottery and she began expanding her horizons by adding hand building to her throwing abilities. In addition, there was the option of much more open studio time than she had while working. It was at this point that she realized pottery was her passion.

Donna is the type of potter who makes one piece at a time and goes where her mind takes her. Inspiration comes often from nature as well as from things she has seen. Those evolve into the pottery in the texture of the pottery as well as the shape. Donna says that often she can look at things like bare trees in the winter and envision them on a piece of pottery. It just happens that way.

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